Deposit for Next Level Mentorship

Deposit for Next Level Mentorship
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Fri 10 December 2021
Friday 10 December 2021
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Next Level Movement Mentorship Hobart
About this Event
Welcome to the Next Level...coming to beautiful Tasmania for the first time! The education and mentorship programme designed for you to:
* learn a working understanding of myofascial anatomy and it's relevance to every type of profession dealing with human movement
* learn a simple 4 step appraisal process suitable for ANY body
* learn scores of myofascial mobility drills to create freedom of movement and eliminate discomfort in the usual hot spots - knees, backs, necks, shoulders - as well as tailor mobility for each client's unique needs
* learn how to train any human based on the integrated anatomy and their own appraisal results, in a whole range of 3D movement styles
* learn the link between mental, emotional and physical and how you can connect on all three levels for improved results
* learn progressive recovery techniques
* learn business strategies to guarantee client satisfaction and retention
The intensive educational weekend is only one part of the programme. You will receive several hours of introductory materials and video content to review and absorb beforehand, the two and a half days group education, a 3hr 20 minute additional online course after the live education, a workbook to work through in the following months, and 3 coaching sessions - 2 x individual one on one and 1 x group, personally with JP himself.
These mentoring sessions are designed to reinforce learning, hone your application of the huge range of practical skills you will have, answer questions about client cases and help orient and drive you forward in your own career aspirations. This is hugely powerful - continuous support from your teacher and mentor to keep you on track and growing.
PLUS! In addition, you will have access to the private Movement Mentorship Graduate Facebook group to share stories, ask questions and connect with the community of coaches who have taken the programme and can help you along the way with their varied and powerful knowledge base. This is invaluable. You will become part of the most supportive and non judgemental group in human enhancement.
Your teacher is John Polley (JP), award-winning international educator, author, mentor and specialist movement consultant from Perth, Australia. He has helped over 1,000 clients with this knowledge and experience and conducted mentorships for health, movement and wellness industry professionals for many years. His results with students / mentorees and with clients have been so powerful, they warrant the over used term of 'life changing' for so many.
The Next Level Mentorships (Movement, Integrative, Performance) are JP's flagship educational experiences, and he remains completely invested in YOUR success through this process. He has helped some of the most successful people in the industry and looks forward to doing the same for you!
Investment AU 2500
Return on investment at least 10 times that in your first year
Payment plans available.
ROI for the rest of your career.
Only 10 spots available
Just email JP at or reach out on messenger
Pablo, Wellington
As soon as I arrived home, my wife asked me how it was. I answered: over 20 years of international experience working and constantly learning... investing time and money in my education, this has been the best investment I've ever done. Have only learnt recently in my life to praise more those who deserve it. You, and what you do, deserves every positive comment. Truly 5 ?????
Lorna, Christchurch
I have never had so much fun in my life, I am moving in a way I have never moved and even the mobility I do remember I have started to change to suit individuals, I cannot express how awesome this is, I cannot express how good I feel!
Sam, New Zealand
I had been waiting for the stars to align so that I could finally say yes to the offer of signing up to JP's 4 month Mentorship program! It has already been well worth the wait and its only been one weekend! There was a lot to digest and there is a lot to practice but the amount of both is perfect. I didn't end up feeling overwhelmed and not know where to begin or how to take this home to practice, it was clear and all made sense. I loved the intimacy of a small group and being around like minded people that speak the same language - how refreshing! I have always loved JP's delivery of his bountiful knowledge and wisdom along with the clear feeling of excitement and love that he has for this type of training. It is contagious! I love knowing that I have the support I need as I move forward and also that I have made new friends to keep in touch with! Thanks JP - I look forward to seeing what else can be achieved over the next few months!
Kasse, WA
Filled with fun, function, fitness and fab people!
The content was perfect, as was the delivery, easily transferable to my own practise and a fab mixture of info and practice!
There was a very special feeling of respect, friendship and support.
I love JPs relaxed confidence and his jokes!
It certainly is bitter sweet finishing the education.
Bitter in that I dont want it to end, but sweet as I am ready to unleash my new found tools to the world!
And with the ongoing support form JP and the ambassadors, I know I will have a great support network moving forward!

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hobart fitness training macquarie point hobart australia, hobart, 7000, tas, au
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hobart fitness training macquarie point hobart australia, hobart, 7000, tas, au

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evans st 6
hobart fitness training macquarie point hobart australia, hobart, 7000, tas, au
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