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OUDE BEESTENMARKT 6, Ghent, 9000, Belgium

CLUB 69 - Ghent's coziest club ‘Club 69’ is about to embark on a new and glorious chapter. Our mission? Bringing together the best crowd and the best music in a scintillant setting. The new interior combines all the Glenn Sestig trademark ingredients in new proportions and features a brilliant and warm engulfing sound system. Expect to bump into a passionate, friendly off-the-wall crowd, where skyscraper heels share the dancefloor with Converse trainers, but where everyone is on the same musical page. Now, we are placing emphasis on introducing not only electronic music, but urban as well, becoming one of Ghent’s top places where all music genres are covered in an intimate setting, provided by Belgian’s finest DJ’s, expanding the pleasure of nightlife from Thursday evening to early hours of Sunday morning. We are working hard with young talent of Belgian nightlife and music scene, and constantly welcoming in new concepts and names, with our continuous ‘More than a feeling’ motto. Expect to step into an environment where you will create new connections and above all, unique musical experiences!

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