Meditation and Personal Development Centre
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Meditation and Personal Development Centre

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Meditation and Personal Development Centre
14 Byrom Street, Manchester, United Kingdom

A haven of calm right in the city~ FREE courses, talks, workshops, events to live life in a more relaxed way~Amazing QUIET ROOM- anyone can pop in at any time just to get a moment out of the 'madness'~Meditation & Personal Development Centre Manchester Inner Space is just one in a chain of Inner Spaces across the UK. It is a free community initiative, created in response to the growing need for spaces where individuals can go to quiet the mind. Each Inner Space offers a reflective and calm environment, right in the heart of busy city centres. There is a Quiet Room where you can drop in any time – just to get a ‘moment out of the madness’. It’s also a centre for study and learning, with a whole range of, courses, talks, workshops, tasters sessions, allowing you to discover how to think, live and work in a healthier, more relaxed and harmonious way. Thoughtfully and lovingly designed to create a feeling of welcome. As a service to the community, Inner Space, charges no fees for any of its activities. It is funded by voluntary contributions and run by an extensive network of trained volunteers, who are committed to making a difference.

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