Disjointed Journalism with Alex Halperin and Christina de Giovanni

Disjointed Journalism with Alex Halperin and Christina de Giovanni
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Each week, CannaGather Digital presents the best of the best in the flourishing cannabis industry. Thought leaders have the opportunity to speak on their companies, stories, and how they have (and plan to continue) navigated through a myriad of issues leading up to and through global legalization.

Today's ultra-saturated mainstream media market is littered with fake news, misinformation, and opinion pieces ingested by common folk as fact. This divides our nation even further in times where we couldn't be more in need of balanced, yet interesting and tasteful publications driven by data from reliable sources.
This holds true in for the ever-so-swiftly evolving cannabis industry, as well. With more US states making decriminalization and legalization efforts reality, the old guard is trying it's damnest to hang on to debunked myths and theories claiming cannabis is evil, useless in a productive society, and is an existential threat to all good in the world.
For tomorrow's CG Digital, we'll be going deep on regional industry hot-topics, the importance of traditional journalism's survival in the green lane, and why social and restorative justice needs should be the backbone of every industry publication.
Tomorrow's speakers are two of the most respected thought leaders in the world of cannabis journalism:
Alex Halperin is the founder, editor, and publisher of WeedWeek, one of the most respected media companies in the biz. Prior to reporting on cannabis legalization in 2014, fracking, health care, technology, and finance were his primary coverages. Alex's work showcase includes popular names like The Guardian, Slate, Fast Company, Quartz, the Washington Post, Mother Jones, The New Yorker, and countless others. His first book, The Cannabis Dictionary, was published in March. He lives in Los Angeles.
With a wildly popular website, newsletter, and podcast (co-hosted by California newsletter producer, Donnell Alexander), WeedWeek's credibility and fairness on stories written on the world of cannabis politics, business, health and science, criminal justice and culture have made them the publication of choice for folks looking for entertaining, reliable, well-written news.
WeedWeek's invite-only RECHARGE event (held in Los Angeles) was one of California's most-talked-about gatherings of 2019. Some of the most influential figures in the industry connected for an outstanding day-long symposium of panels, keynotes, and interactive sessions covering green politics, business, health & science, criminal justice, and culture.
Christina de Giovanni, founder, and CEO of Emerald Media Group, in 2012 found herself an unfortunate victim of Federal Asset Forfeiture when her then live-in boyfriend, a cannabis grower, was caught with bulk currency on an Amtrak train by the Reno Drug Task Force. After law enforcement was notified in Humboldt County, Christina fought the system for nine months until her charges were dropped and she was able to reclaim (most of) her seized assets.
In response, Christina launched Emerald Magazine, a community and activities publication, during her last semester at Humboldt State University, where she graduated with a degree in Journalism. After three years of operating, she rebranded Emerald as a resource to demystify cannabis for non-traditional, new medicinal users when her mother was diagnosed with cancer and was seeking information on treating with cannabis. Today, Emerald stands as a trusted industry voice in cannabis for modern women; aiming to counter stereotypically 'dude-centric stoner culture' media.

All this is done virtually via virtual online broadcasting in front of 500 CannaGather Community members in a private screening room.

Each event will be live-broadcasted across several channels and footage will be archived on

The way our predecessors did things created a mess of opportunity blocking all traditional routes to success. Grab a machete. Let's forge our own path.


We'll have plenty more info releasing this week on all three of these medical rockstars, so be sure to follow our LinkedInFacebook, and Instagram pages over the next few weeks for more details as we head into our best CG Digital episode yet!

See you all on Thursday...


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Thursday, May 14;

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Our Partners:

WeedWeek - WeedWeek is a media company covering America’s fastest-growing and most interesting industry.
Executives, advocates, lawyers, journalists, and other influential figures appreciate our credibility and fairness on the latest developments in cannabis politics, business, health and science, criminal justice, and culture.
Emerald Media Group, LLC - Emerald is a media group focused on the modern cannabis lifestyle. The group delivers free digital content, as well as an opportunity to subscribe to the print magazine.
The Emerald is the number one resource guide for anyone active in the cannabis community, or for those who are curious about what the lifestyle entails.  
Chef Nikko - Chef Nikko Private Celebrity Chef service provides extraordinary private customized dining experiences.  Aiming to be the best in providing quality sophisticated food elements. Free of MSG, additives, fillers, preservatives, inflammatory oils, enriched produces and overall unhealthy food items.
Neurological bio nutrition and always having a finger on the pulse of current culinary nutritional trends, enforce such guidelines. This goal is always achieved with positive possibility forward thinking, and backed by 23 years of data and research. A business truly rooted in the nutritional passion of the culinary arts, it is always a joy to put culture, back into Agriculture.
Safe Reach - Safe-Reach was born out of a passion for the plant, a desire to spread the best brands and companies in this space, and selfishly to make some money. Arto and Adam are “veterans” of this advertising space and have worked with ( insert data/media/marketing platform name here) supporting campaign work for pretty much every IAB vertical across the United States as a local market and a national media vendor supporting brands and agencies delivering online advertising.
While some solutions add real value to brands and advertisers of all scales, there are more than a few options that don’t deliver scaled results.  Safe-Reach believes they have the right comprehension of this market, the regulatory landscape, and the programmatic tools needed to build an online presence to support e-commerce and retail initiatives.
Cannabis Voter Project - Voting has already legalized medical cannabis in 30 states and recreational use in nine states; with three more states are voting on legalization measures this November. With that in mind, check out HeadCount’s Cannabis Voter Project and our new website
They've created a singular resource for you to learn where your elected officials stand on seven major cannabis issues, from industrial hemp to outright legalization. also has links to the best of cannabis media, advocacy organizations, and opportunities to take action in addition to being a place where you can register to vote.
Heady NJ - Heady NJ is an independent news site covering cannabis reform on the local level in New Jersey, and they’re back better than ever. Heady will be closely covering this last stage of the legislative fight in NJ (knock on wood it is the last) along with the businesses springing forth and the culture surrounding it.
They are heavily in favor of cannabis reform believing that you can’t be neutral on a moving train.
Originals Nation Presents byeCOVID - byeCOVID is a cultural response protocol to ensure the well-being of disenfranchised communities exposed to coronavirus. Originals Nation in partnership with Trap Heals is providing COVID-19 rapid testing coupled with healthy preventive care packages delivered straight to your block. byeCOVID removes barriers to care while offering solutions to protect immune systems from coronavirus. 
superbad inc - Known for industry prize strains while simultaneously sourcing incredibly rare strains, superbad inc. has built a reputation around its relentless pursuit of high-quality flower.
NUGL - NUGL is an all-new technology-based multimedia platform that combines a cannabis search and business directory with social media and networking tools. All of this seamlessly integrates with digital and print publications, and an internal cannabis ad server, for extended reach and exposure. NUGL is community-driven, user-focused, and together with our fans have built an environment where content, services, and networking capabilities for all things cannabis, are welcomed and enjoyed by all.
LA NORML - One of the oldest chapters in the country, LA NORML was founded in 1973 as a non-profit, membership organization and a regional chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).
NORML's mission is to repeal the prohibition of marijuana at the local, state, and federal level by educating those in our community about marijuana and hemp and their potential medical and industrial use while promoting the responsible use of marijuana by adults.

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