3 Palms Zoo & Education Center
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3 Palms Zoo & Education Center

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3 Palms Zoo & Education Center
924 Blackbird Forest Rd, Clayton, 19938, DE, United States

We are Delaware's only rescue Zoo! Here guests can socialize with exotic, wild & domestic animals. We proudly house the State's only Alligator! 3 Palms Zoo & Education Center is an amazing experience for kids of all ages. We are Delaware's largest Zoo, proudly housing the State's only Alligator & Silver Fox! While here, you'll have the opportunity to interact with exotic, domestic, & wild animals. Our mission is rescue & education; the animals on exhibit at 3 Palms have come here for sanctuary. Many of the animals are illegal, surrendered, or forgotten pets. While others are non releasable wild animals transferred by State licensed rehabilitators. Zoo visitors can enjoy hand feeding and petting of the Llamas, Alpaca, Goats, Ducks, Sheep, Geese, Donkey, Chickens, Pigs & Mini Pigs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hedgehog, and the Emu. You'll also see a Raccoon, Groundhog, Owls, Opossums, Skunks, Turkeys, Vultures, Turtles, Red and Silver Foxes, Crows, a Raven and many other rare & exotic Birds. Our two Asia Aviaries are home to Red Junglefowl, Peacocks, Exotic Pheasants, Black Sumatras, Mandarin Ducks, and Indian Rock & Peacock Pigeons. You'll see Migratory Waterfowl, Pheasants, Diamondback Terrapins, Laughing Gulls, and Cackling Geese in the "Coastal North America Habitat". Finally in our lush "Rain Forest Habitat" you'll see a pair of African White Faced Whistling Ducks, Side-Neck Turtles, Red & Yellow Footed Tortoises, Anole, Green Tree Frog, and Polly the Military Macaw. Admission: Visit for Admission information.

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