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SmoothRed Entertainment LLC
Route 8, Dover, 19901, DE, United States

Professional track master for any occasion. M=DjR is Music with Dj Redhairs. Events, charities, weddings, talent shows, and parties call me up (302)2334468 INTRODUCTION Allow me to introduce myself and give you a brief history background. My name is Daniel Breeding AKA DJ Redhairs. I’m the owner of SmoothRed Entertainment LLC!!! I just recently started my own company at the beginning of March 2015. I been DJing, putting on shows in bars, country clubs, restaurants, karaoke, doing weddings since 2005 with other companies all over the Delmarva area. For example Tom Foolery’s, Irish Mikes, The Lex, The Woodshed, Marinoes, Coyotes, F-Town, Ice Lounge, Smitty McGees, Wolfies, Sheridan’s Irish Pub, Celtic Pub, Stones, Seheldan’s 313 to just name a few. I enjoy being a host of the show. I pay attention to the crowd and see what they like and see what gets them into it. I always wondered why I only got a slice of the money when I can collect the whole amount since I put on the shows anyways. I chased my dreams, got a business license, business cards, outside contracted a wedding planner for weddings and opened up my own company. Bought about 8,000 dollars worth of equipment all brand new. I have 2 2015 JBL PRX 15’s concert speakers with both the having built in amps. 1 Macbook Pro for Djing with a Serato package high processor for track loading, 1 samsung lap top for downloading music and karaoke, producing and making beats, song writing, live feeds and recording, 2 hard drives for music and karaoke storage. A Numark Mixer with turn tables, a 12 channel studio board for electric guitars, keyboards, to plug in etc. 2 wireless 2000 series microphones for karaoke and song recording. The sky’s the limit now. My phone # is (302)233-4468 if you wanna call and discuss anything or Email me: as soon as you can so I can get this thing rolling and pack it out for you. If you are interested. SMOOTHERED ENTERTAINMENT DOES NOT SERVE ALCOHOL!!! WHAT MY COMPANY OFFERS SmoothRed Entertainment LLC is on a whole new level than just playing music for a crowd. I go beyond what a DJ does when it comes to pleasing your customers. We all know that our customers are our paychecks so getting them involved and having a nice energetic atmosphere is key to being the entertainer. That is my main focus is drawing crowds and keeping them coming back. By having ten years of experience in the business I came up with several ways to really get people loving there days off. When they need to unwind and celebrate. FIRST CALL, FIRST SERVE BOOKING.

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