The 31 Day Wisdom Challenge

The 31 Day Wisdom Challenge
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Grow In The Wisdom of God In This Daily Live and Interactive Journey in The Book of Proverbs!

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Let's face it 2020 was not the beginning to this new decade that many hoped for or imagined.

For many, the year was a huge challenge at best, for others a wash... and at worst a disaster for some.

Many are just TIRED and want to get the year over with and move on to whatever comes next. “The new normal,” however that looks.

But, can I share something with you?

God wasn’t surprised or caught off guard by the events of 2020.

His plans for you haven’t changed.

His wisdom is still supreme, and applies to your current circumstances.

God’s wisdom works best in tough situations where fulfilling the desires of your heart seems impossible.

God’s plans for you to experience even more of His goodness, favor, and prosperity are still in place and available to you through the guidance of His wisdom.

I believe 2020 was a huge setup for you, and us as kingdom-minded people to be able serve and create value by solving problems.

Joseph's are created in times of crisis when problems abound.

I believe 2021 will continue be a a time of unprecedented opportunity for massive kingdom those who are full of hope and wisdom from above.

If you're like me...and you want 2021 to be your biggest and best year ever...

Then join me and tens of thousands of kingdom-minded lovers of wisdom in what what I believe will be one of the most significant kingdom-building events of 2021:


Yes...After the incredible response and success of last years Wisdom Challenge...

We here at 100X knew we had to do it again and...

I want to personally invite you to join me, and a host of spiritual and marketplace leaders as we kick-off 2021 prioritizing the Wisdom of God with a 31-day journey through the book of Proverbs with the 31 Day Wisdom Challenge starting January 1st

Brian Simmons, Kris Vallotton, Graham Cooke, Lana Vawser, Jennifer Allwood, Pete Vargas...are just a few of the 31 incredible speakers and leaders we have assembled to lead us into this deep dive into the Wisdom of God.

Each day of The 31-Day Wisdom Challenge, a well-known spiritual leader or Kingdom entrepreneur will share his or her powerful testimony and revelation from their personal study and application of the Book of Proverbs.

This is a glimpse into the intimate workings of these successful leaders’ relationship with God and His wisdom expressed through the Book of Proverbs.

And Day 1 of the challenge will feature none other than Dr. Brian Simmons, the creator of The Passion Translation (that’s the translation we’re reading from).

I am more excited than ever to share this challenge with you. Why?

Because God’s wisdom is the foundation for Kingdom success.

There is no better way to grow in favor with God and man than to pursue the wisdom and ways of God...

I can't think of any better way to kick off a new year then doing just that...seeking the daily the wisdom of God?


If you are hungry for more wisdom and kingdom revelation…

If you are committed to 2021 being a year of breakthrough, favor, prosperity…

If you believe God is not done in 2021 and want to access His wisdom…

Then “The 31-Day Wisdom Challenge” is for you.

Click here to join this unique mentorship opportunity in the Wisdom of God.

In Your Service,

Pedro Adao

8 Figure Kingdom Entrepreneur

Founder of The 100X Academy

P.S. Last year when we ran this challenge over 3,990 people gladly paid $31 to take part in this 31 Day Wisdom Challenge...

But I felt led to for the first time ever and for a limited-time I am making this 31 Day Challenge absolutely free.

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