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Review of the items for Candidates to use when making door to door introductions

Tue 7 December 2021
0:00 AM

We will REVIEW THE FOLLOWING PAGE TO BE USE BY CANDIDATES MAKING DOOR TO DOOR INTRODUCTIONS:WHY THE CURRENT BOARD MEMBERS HAVE TO GO FAILURE TO AUDIT: Our bylaws require an annual "audit," FAILURE TO HOLD THE 2021 ANNUAL MEETING FAILURE TO include reserves on the facilities in the 2021 budget. FAILURE TO have a balanced budget in 2021 and 2022. FAILURE TO manage expenses to keep dues at $220 per month FAILURE TO take board control on conversion FAILURE TO maintain web site with all information FAILURE TO question the procedure followed by the developer in adding 39 additional lots PLATFORM -Web Site Documents,- ALL association documents and all homeowner specific documents will be stored and available on the association web site. -Term Limits - limited to four years, two terms, consecutive or separate. -Fine Schedule - $50 to $300, not the current $7,500 max -Revoke CODE OF CONDUCT -Appeals Committee - NEW - available to any member to overturn an action by the board or manager against a member. Minimum size of six, all committee members selected by the aggrieved member. -Budget Committee - NEW - The management will prepare the annual budget and such budget will require Budget Committee approval before being submitted to the Board. -Committee membership - All committees will be listed on the web page will include the name of the committee, the name of the chair, and the number of members of the committee. Any committee with less than ten members, excluding members on multiple committees, must accept a new member upon request by a member. -Closed board meetings can only occur when requested by a subject member or when the attorney is present. All members of the association are invited to attend. We look forward to discussing these and other items at the next Meetup, on Tuesday, at 9 am, at the picnic tables behind the tennis courts. See you then. Bring a neighbor. George Please RSVP
08/12/2021 Last update

picnic tables behind the tennis courts, across from the lodge
33°44'00.1"N 116°10'38.3"W, INDIO, 92201, ca, US

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  1. Review of the items for Candidates to use when making door to door introductions