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Trivia @ Buffalo Wild Wings

From Fri 5 July 2019 to Sat 6 July 2019
4:30 PM - 2:00 AM

TRIVIA STARTS AT 7 PM SO I'LL MEET YOU AT 6:30 to get some food and drinks (lots!) in US first. Then we are sure to win the $50 prize!!! Be there!! I'll be buying appetizers for US all from our latest winnings Check out the site & the menu!! ( []) I love, love, love it when you all bring friends. Just please add them to your RSVP so we can plan for it and get a big enough table! Dear Team Motley Crew - If you are on Facebook, "like" HoustonTrivia (all one word), and you will get clues on your FB page about Team Trivia @ BWW! Their hints helped us get 2 questions correct last time!!!
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07/07/2019 Last update

Buffalo Wild Wings
1401 Highway 6, Sugar Land, TX, US

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