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Both Feet - Actor Training

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Both Feet provides Meisner based actor training for professional actors and those seriously working towards their acting career. Both Feet is made up of Stephanie Upsall, Adam Stadius and Laura Lindsay. Both Feet are a training collective passionate about the craft of truthful and engaging acting on stage and screen. Our teaching is rooted in the highly respected techniques taught by Sanford Meisner, known as "The Meisner Technique". The training is designed for professional actors wanting to develop their skills of listening, responsiveness and spontaneity. We help actors find authenticity, depth and truth in their acting, with a practical application to their work on stage and screen. We work with dedicated and open actors, committed to developing their craft and career. To be eligible for the training, you must be a professional actor or seriously working towards a career in acting. We're in with both feet. Are you? The Meisner Technique is a powerful and respected approach to acting taught in most major drama schools across the world. It teaches you how to: unleash truthful, emotional performances; let go of self-consciousness; expand your acting range; build self awareness and develop the ability to act moment to moment. The technique was developed from the work of Konstantin Stanislavsky by Sanford Meisner who stated that everything you need to play a scene can be found in your partner. It’s taught via a series of exercises taking you on a step by step journey in a pedagogically coherent way very much like when you learn an instrument or a foreign language. It is highly popular in the U.S. thanks to Actors such as Steve McQueen, Jeff Goldblum, Diane Keaton and Sandra Bullock and writers such as David Mamet and Arthur Miller. We run classes and courses for actors at any stage in their Meisner training. We're based in Yorkshire, however our feet are willing and able to travel! We also deliver training in the North East, North West and London and are always looking for new places to lay our footprints. Get in touch if you'd like to enquire about delivery of workshops near you.​

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