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Download No Plan B! iTunes: Amazon: Lyric video: JOIN THE AL NEW "MOBILE MINISTRY CLUB": WeI've developed a brand new concept in ministry.his will bring every aspect of this ministry to you wherever you are, 24/7! Not just the music, but the messages, Full concert performances, TV interviews, films clips, ...updates, daily devotions, classic Time 2 shows and even personal Q and A advise and life coaching between you and me. And it will be literally in the palm of your hand. For a 100% tax deductible donation of 4.95 a month, the following features will be send to your email and/or cell phone on a daily basis. No waiting for the mail but available instantly as soon as you sign up. Its the All new "Mobile Ministry Club" 1). Daily audio devotions, Monday thru Friday. if you didn't have time to have time with the Lord and need a quick lift, let me just take 2 minutes each day and literally speak into your spirit. 2). 5-6 times month You'll receive carefully chosen songs to download and put into your Pod. 3). 4 High energy live performances. One of my signature Concept Music videos and a LIVE in concert performance with all the energy and enthusiasm you've come to expect at a Carman Event. 4). Actual behind the scenes interviews with me explaining the meaning and process behind writing that months featured songs The real life reasons on why, where and how these songs were written. 5). A personal Q and A that I answer each week on video. After 32 years of ministry and life. Let me be your "Life Coach" and help you find answers to life's most puzzling, personal and even humorous questions. You'll see me on Your cell, talking direct from the heart right to yours. 6). Classic "Time 2" variety programs, sent to you and accessible on your cell phone. 7). Arena and /or TV concerts, Reality Check TV showss or a Holiday special available to view in it's entirety and at your leisure. 8). Current TV messages and the most popular interviews from my hosting times on TBN. If you miss it on TV then it will come to your cell phone so you can listen and or view as you drive to work. 9). FREE downloads of LIVE in concert performances never heard anywhere before. 10). You'll be the 1st to know, as I share on web cam any CWO updates, live and TV appearances and product specials. Cutting edge technology available to you brought to you 7 days a week. For only 4.95 you can have the best moments of 32 years of ministry and life experience at your disposal. The songs, videos, concerts and messages that won 3 generations to Christ, are now yours 24/7. Sign up at t's a new day and a new way to stay connected. Will you Join me ?
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