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B-17 Alliance Foundation

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B-17 Alliance Foundation
3278 25th St. SE, Salem, 97302, OR, United States

Preserving the legacy of America's World War II heroes by restoring the B-17 Lacey Lady to airworthy condition and building a destination museum. The Foundation's headquarters are located at: 13515 SE McLoughlin Boulevard Milwaukie, Oregon 97222 The museum and restoration facility are located at: McNary Field (Salem Airport) 3278 25th Street, SE Salem, Oregon 97302 The museum is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Other times are available by appointment. The suggested donation is $10.00 per person and helps defray our operating expenses. Our facilities are also available for special events. Contact Terry Scott, executive director, for more information: 503-654-6491 or They’ve been rightfully called "The Greatest Generation." They are the 16 million Americans who fought in World War II and built the country we enjoy today. Sadly, that legacy is disappearing. Fewer than 800,000 World War II veterans are still alive; within 20 years, there will be no veterans left to tell their stories. The B-17 Alliance Foundation was formed to keep that legacy alive. We are restoring the B-17 Lacey Lady to airworthy condition and building a destination museum that documents the personal histories of our World War II veterans. These are ambitious goals. Few B-17s remain in existence and only a handful of those are airworthy. While the Lacey Lady is the most visible aspect of this project, the real story is about people: we are preserving the memory of our World War II heroes for future generations. It has cost more than $500,000 to restore the nose section, build a temporary museum and library, and move the aircraft to a climate-controlled hangar at McNary Field where restoration continues. Our funding has come primarily from private donors, but our efforts would not have been successful without volunteer support. Engineers, machinists, mechanics, and aviation enthusiasts have donated thousands of hours and dollars to help make our vision a reality. With careful stewardship, we have accomplished many of our goals, but we need your help. An estimated $9 million will be needed to complete restoration and fully open the museum. Your tax-deductible donation will keep an important piece of history from fading away.

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